Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Higher music or audio education

First of all, there has been a big lack of updates lately. Both of us have been very busy and our writer's block (both musically and for actual post-writing) is not really helping either. We can say however that as the summer holidays are approaching, our inspiration is returning too. Cyprinid(Æz) is working on a new dubstep track with that dungeon-sound. And pan-flutes. pH-14 some decent ideas too, but is currently unable to get them from his brain to his pc. Apart from these new tracks we will try to write some more posts as well!
Highschool is coming to an end, and choices have to be made. Like almost everyone our age, at first we didn't have a clue what to study after college. Pretty much everything seemed boring at first, but we found some interesting stuff on the website of the HKU in Utrecht. The studies available here range from Conservatory to Audio Design, which basically means building synthesizers and speakers. Composition Electronic Music and Composition for the Media focus more on composition and music production, which is interesting too, but doesn't offer a lot of career opportunities. Sound Design, not to be confused with Audio Design, seems to be the best choice for us, and covers the most topics. Technology, composition, some physics and even how the human brain responds to certain frequencies and how to use this to your advantage. 
Behold, Sound Design
An alternative for the HKU would be the AHK in Amsterdam. The only audio-related study is Sound Design,  which looks fine too. The only problem is, the admission is ridiculously harsh; out of 500 applying students, only 80 will be allowed, based on a small portfolio of 5 soundscapes/recordings.

We don't think there's a lot of people that consider the fact that there's actual studies for creating sounds, while it's quite an amazing art!


  1. Seriously dude, good luck. I know how you feel. For my course, only 40 were permitted entry and I didn't have the specific grades required (I had some better and some worse than the requirement), so yeah, your portfolio is quite a big deal. Make sure to do something spectacular. Good luck, haha.

  2. Great post. I enjoyed it very much. Good luck to you.

  3. Good luck your going to need it xD

  4. Good luck with your music. =)

  5. Good luck, hope all goes through!

  6. im starting creative music technology in a months time at uni, hope its sick. i went for a wide choice of things when i applied but didnt get the offers id hoped for so ended up on this course but its at a good university. good luck with your future!