Sunday, June 26, 2011

Boards of Canada - Geogaddi

Geogaddi is Boards of Canada's second full length album since Music Has the Right to Children, it was suddenly released in 2002 with very little promotion. The record made its official debut in six churces all over the world.
Many people have described Geogaddi as a very eerie album, I personally didn't experience it this way at first and thought it was a nice and relaxed album. Those people have definitely got a point though, the theme to Geogaddi could be considered Satanism. The tracks do sound quite eerie, but there's a lot more awesome details underneath the surface.

Let's start out by quoting the artists themselves.

"...all the mystery and magic and all this kind of nonsense that built up around the last record [Geogaddi] got to a point where it was just silly. People were understanding things from our music that we didn't put in there and were saying there was an evil undercurrent to everything. And we are not like that at all. It was a theme that we wanted to pursue on that record but people have understood from that that we always put secret, dark, sinister, and satanic things in our music. And that became more important than the music itself."

This doens't take away how fascinating this album is in any way, it just shows that they aren't actually evil satanists themselves. They just add "hidden messages" in their music because they feel like it. 

When listening to Geogaddi whilst paying close attention to the music, you can easily make out reversed vocals and little strange samples. But there's way more easter eggs they put in their music, stuff that you can't really expect people to actually find by themselves (which apparently happened). We recommend you listen to Geogaddi while paying attention to the facts these articles on point out.

  1. "Ready Lets Go" – 0.59
  2. "Music Is Math" – 5.21
  3. "Beware The Friendly Stranger" – 0.38
  4. "Gyroscope" – 3.35
  5. "Dandelion" – 1.15
  6. "Sunshine Recorder" – 6.13
  7. "In The Annexe" – 1.22
  8. "Julie And Candy" – 5.30
  9. "The Smallest Weird Number" – 1.17
  10. "1969" – 4.21
  11. "Energy Warning" – 0.35
  12. "The Beach At Redpoint" – 4.19
  13. "Opening The Mouth" – 1.11
  14. "Alpha And Omega" – 7.03
  15. "I Saw Drones" – 0.27
  16. "The Devil Is In The Details" – 3.53
  17. "A Is To B As B Is To C" – 1.41
  18. "Over The Horizon Radar" – 1.09
  19. "Dawn Chorus" – 3.55
  20. "Diving Station" – 1.27
  21. "You Could Feel the Sky" – 5.14
  22. "Corsair" – 2.52
  23. "Magic Window" – 1.46
  24. "From One Source All Things Depend" – 2:10 (Japanese release only)


  1. Have a friend obsessed with this band.

  2. Very nice post, will read some of the articles.

  3. I'll give them a listen to. :D

  4. Some awesome songs thanks alot

  5. I should listen to some of these songs.

  6. yeah liked the 3rd one best!

  7. very different, haven't figured out if i like it yet lol

  8. Still only got 'Music Has the Right to Children', BOC doing a somewhat sinister album has me very excited, will definitely check this out!