Sunday, March 20, 2011

What is Tetanized

Wikipedia: Tetanic contraction
"A tetanic contraction (or tetanized state) occurs when a motor unit has been maximally stimulated by its motor neuron. This occurs when a muscle's motor unit is stimulated at a sufficiently high frequency of multiple impulses. Each stimulus causes a twitch. If stimuli is delivered slow enough, the tension in the muscle will relax between successive twitches. If stimuli is delivered at high frequency, then the twitches will add up, resulting in tetanic contraction. When tetanized, the contracting tension in the muscle remains constant in a steady state. This is the maximal contraction."

Tetanized Records is a project by young Dutch producers Æz and pH-14, focussing mainly on Dubstep, IDM, Ambient, Hip-Hop and anything in between. 
First tunes will be for free, digital releases may follow later.

Find 'em on:

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